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MainStroll is an immersive shopping directory made to promote the best local retailers on Nantucket.

We aggregate and develop immersive browsing experiences that highlight our communities and make it easy to shop, search, and support our Main Street economy across the United States.

Shop Main Street — anytime, anywhere.

All of the businesses on MainStroll are small, neighborhood retailers who contribute to our community every day. Our mission is to make it easier for you to show up and support them from anywhere. Thank you for shopping small and supporting our Main Streets!
Collina Strada- Fingerless Gloves: Lilac Nepal
Mary Al Terna- Hug Bag: Lilac
Dauphinette – Bon Bon Reticule: Wisteria
Marco Rambaldi – Crochet Bag: Fuchsia
Ottod’ame- Sequin Bra Top: Blue
Ottod’ame – Sequin Leggings: Blue
Bellerose – Izo Skirt
Rolling Rack Boutique
Pink Beige Multi Floral Dress
Rolling Rack Boutique
White Patent Stiletto Sandal
Rolling Rack Boutique
Bone Croc Wedge
Basically Bows & Bowties
Lolo Glitter Bunny Clip Set – Gold
Basically Bows & Bowties
Prince Peter Tween Happy Cowboy Distressed Crop Tee

Our Mission

MainStroll aggregates and hosts immersive browsing experiences designed after our real-life Main Streets. Anyone near or far can visit these communities, learn about the shops and people that make it unique, and support our local Main Streets by shopping as if they were there in-person.


Make browsing and shopping local easier and available for consumers as it is to shop large retailers online.


Foster economic growth and community development by providing our vibrant communities with a unified web presence to increase interest, sales, access, and tourism


Showcase our unique neighborhoods as a destination to find high-quality products from a range of independent makers and retailers.


Offer an additional layer of access and stability to our communities and small businesses to increase their bottom line and stay afloat in case of crisis

Quick Question...

MainStroll thoroughly reviews every application to determine if we think it would perform well and be a strong fit for our audience.

To participate, you should have:

  1. A physical location with regular store hours
  2. A working eCommerce website with clear product images and descriptions
  3. Located in a MainStroll destination (or one that is coming soon)
  4. Sell products in at least one of our featured departments:
    1. Women’s Clothing & Accessories
    2. Men’s Clothing & Accessories
    3. Baby & Kids
    4. Jewelry & Accessories
    5. Home, Art & Giftware
    6. Handbags
    7. Shoes
    8. Beauty

When it comes to retailer approval for the MainStroll, we look for the following on your website:

  1. a professional and functional eCommerce website
  2. high-quality product images
  3. clear website navigation
  4. accurate product descriptions
  5. fixed and accurate pricing
  6. ability to sync properly with our platform
  7. ability to ship within the USA

If you are rejected for program, our team will state why. We want to accept as many retailers as we can! Most rejections are due to websites that aren’t functioning properly, do not contain products that we market, or have poor-quality images. 

If you do not meet the criteria or are unsure but would like to have a presence on your community page, please reach out to local @

Our technology can parse select information from your website’s product pages, similar to how Google or other search engines crawl and aggregate billions of content per day. Unlike Google which crawls most every webpage on the internet, MainStroll curates pieces from approved retailers who are a good fit for our platform.

MainStroll is a curated search platform. In order to keep the quality of content at a premium, we will review your entire catalog and sync the pieces that are eligible and think would perform well. Products should have:

  1. high-quality, professional and clear featured image
  2. Product is available for purchase
  3. Product fits into at least one of MainStroll’s product categories and departments.

Items most likely to get rejected are due to images that are low quality or distorted, taken in a cluttered setting, and/or do not allow you to the see the individual product fully.

Transactions continue to take place on your own website. Sivigny’s is an immersive search tool to help customers find your products. We are not a marketplace.

When our site detects an item that has sold out on your site or is no longer available to view, our technology will identify the change and remove the product from MainStroll automatically. This process happens daily.

No. If you are an approved retailer, MainStroll is free to take part in as part of your member benefits with Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce! 

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